Sinister - untitled

Sinister has had a long run in the comics, acting as a strange antagonist to the X-Men, and sometimes the rest of the Marvel Universe. His appearance alone is enough to have readers questioning what exactly his deal is, so we thought we’d go into some detail of who Mr. Sinister is and why he may be one of the biggest threats that Wolverine in the movies has faced yet.

Splash Report is reporting that their sources have informed them that there are “conversations” to bring Craig onboard for  Gambit . While this report should be taken with some major grains of salt, it does claim that Fox wants the current 007 actor to be their new X-Men movie big bad. Again, this is just a rumor right now, but an enticing one still. [ UPDATE : The Wrap ‘s Umberto Gonzalez is now reporting that this Craig/ Gambit rumor is “not true” .]

Sinister - UntitledSinister - UntitledSinister - UntitledSinister - Untitled