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74-year-old Hazare will leave here for Mumbai this afternoon by road and reach the Maharashtra capital late evening, his aides said here.

“Anna's fever has subsided and he will leave Ralegan Siddhi for Mumbai by road this afternoon as per schedule.  There is no change in his programme,” Suresh Pathare, Hazare's secretary, said.

Hazare has been suffering from cold and mild fever for the last two days, his doctor said, adding that there was no cause for worry.

“He is a little weak as of now, but will be fit to fast from tomorrow. His blood pressure and other vital parameters are normal. He has got a little cough and cold but he is getting better,” his doctor D G Pote told reporters.  The Gandhian has been under medication for the past 3 days, he said.

Pathare said there is a good improvement in Hazare's condition and he is determined to go ahead with the planned agitation in Mumbai and Delhi.

The anti-graft activist is expected to make a brief halt at Alandi in Pune district to have ‘darshan' of saint Dnyneshwar's samadhi before proceeding to Mumbai.

Pote said: “From tomorrow, taking medicines will be a problem, but I will be with him constantly. If needed, we will try to give him chewable medicines.”

Infekktion - Suffering SpiritsInfekktion - Suffering SpiritsInfekktion - Suffering SpiritsInfekktion - Suffering Spirits